A true testimonial… Collette’s book in action with kids!!

“I just received a hard copy of your book and it was sitting on my desk while I am working away. My 6 year old came over and asked if she could read it to the boys (I have a 3 year old and he has a friend over today). So this is what was happening behind me while I worked. She read it to them page by page and had them find all of the animals telling secrets. She kept saying to them, "Boys, please listen, this is very important" It was too cute not to share with you. :)” -S.P.

“I am 9 years old  your book "Should I Tell My Secret" is great!  It has encouraged me to tell my mom something that was feeling like a secret to me.  I think your book will encourage other children to do the same.  It will help parents to talk with their kids.  I also like the pictures.  They are really bright and cheerful even though the topic is almost kind of scary.  Now I'm not so scared anymore to talk about things that are on my mind.” -Hanna

“My children are 9 and 6 years old and we are constantly searching for "self-help" or "parenting" books to share with the children. Books that capture the children's attention (such beautiful illustrations in your book, by the way!), and get the very serious and important point across without scaring the children! It's difficult to find appropriate, well told and beautifully illustrated books! I can't tell you how extremely happy I am to find your book! Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for sharing!” -Connie

“This little book is a powerful tool for any adult to start what can be a difficult conversation. Collette has given us a way that our children can relate to, to provide information that will surely empower them. Therefore helping to keep them safe.”

Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul

“Collette writes with the wisdom of experience and the passion of a mother.  Should I Tell My Secret will provide parents with a tool to support children in finding safe people to share their secrets with.”

Dr. Carolyn Anderson - Therapist, Associate Professor Mount Royal University

“Collette Sinnott has transformed the negative into a positive by publishing this book.
As a grandparent and children's advocate, I welcome this clear, strong message and believe it will be a good tool for adults and children to begin a necessary dialogue.”

Carolyn Pogue - Author of Gwen and After the Beginning

"Collette Sinnott's book, "Should I tell My Secret," addresses the topic of Child Sexual Abuse in a proactive manner. It approaches this delicate subject from both prevention and early intervention aspects of children and victims of child sexual abuse. “Should I tell My Secret” is important, timely and unfortunately, necessary literature for the young."

Kerry Snatic - Med,RSW Lifepath Counselling and Psychological Services

“This is a gentle book about a difficult subject.  It is a way for parents and other caregivers to introduce the issue of sexual abuse to young children in a non-threatened way that shows the importance of family and friendship.  It can be a good start to conversation between parents and children. The book encourages children to share their own as well their friends' concerns which helps build a community of care.”

Lucretia Martenet - Barrister & Solicitor

“Should I Tell My Secret  is a great resource to help start a conversation with your child. Read it to your child over and over! Abuse thrives in secrecy. One of the best prevention tools you can use as a parent is to regularly talk about boundaries with your child. Thank you Collette for making the “secret” conversation a speakable one for parents and their children. Child sexual abuse CAN be prevented. We hope your book inspires more parents to learn about what they can do to keep their children safe.”

Jolie Logan - Chief Operating Officer, Darkness to Light

“Child sexual abuse is a very difficult topic for most parents to discuss with their children.  This book opens the door and leads the way through with a clear message.  We will definitely recommend this book to parents.”

Laurie Szymanski - Executive Director, Little Warriors

“It’s about time a book like this was created! Collette has found a unique and creative way to teach children how to handle the difficult and traumatic issue of sexual abuse. Her book attracts children’s attention using colorful pictures and easy to understand writing and concepts. The message in this book is as vitally important for parents to learn as for their precious children! Two thumbs up!”

Frankie Post - Author of "Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin"

“Collette is sending a powerful message in her book, "Should I Tell My Secret".  She uses kid friendly language to talk about a serious subject that unfortunately affects many of our children.  The book focuses on friendship and a mother's love for her child while gently telling a story of abuse.  Collette's book is a useful tool for both parents and teachers alike to empower children with the tools and courage they need to protect themselves from abuse.  I would use this book in my classroom as a part of our sexual abuse program in grade one and would recommend it to my colleagues, and every parent.”

Barb Bonsdorf - Mother and Elementary School Teacher

“Although offenders are 100% responsible for choosing to sexually abuse children; in order to effect change and make this a truly intolerable crime against children all levels of our community need to engage in this discussion. This book plays an important role in opening a dialogue that must occur between adults and children.”

Danielle Aubry – Executive Director – Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

“Brilliantly written and illustrated—Collette has done an amazing job of providing a tool for parents to discuss a topic which for many is taboo. As a father I had never talked with my kids about this subject and this book gave me the forum to begin that process. I will definitely recommend this book to my clients who are parents or caregivers.  Empowering!”

Gary J. Rein Life coach for Jack Canfield